Our Mission 
To maintain awareness of the educational needs of refugee children;  to motivate them through their struggles;  to give them the opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

The aim is to sponsor six children

The total is $800/per year per child.

  • School fees including school requirements for one child is 200 X 3 terms = 600 US dollars a year.

  • Food is 100 dollar for one term X 3 terms = 300 a year

  • Uniforms for one child is 150 X 1= 150  US dollars a year

  • School supplies consists of 2 pens, 2 pencils, and 5 notebooks for 5 subjects for one child is 30 X 5= 150 US dollar for year.

Annual Goal:  $4,800 (US dollars )

Purchase Book
A Lost Boy

Ways to help us raise funds:

  • Buy A Lost Boy Found “Never Give Up” book or make a donation via PayPal to support A Lost Boy Found Scholarship Fund.

  • Walk for A Lost Boy Found Scholarship Fund Raiser

  • Conduct fundraising events

  • Sponsor John Mayen Deng to speak at your event.

For more information just send an email to the link below and request more information. 


The immediate need now is for volunteers.


We need a great deal of help in publicizing the need, and to help collect contributions.


We will also need guidance on ways to raise funds.


Your donation is an investment in the future of a child and is greatly appreciated.